ULM aviation school

Are you looking for an adventure that combines the joy of training and the thrill of flight? Look no further than PassionAir Canada!

Devenir pilote, c'est facile !

1. Rencontre les Exigences et conditions
2. Fais un vol de familiarisation
3. Suis le cours théorique
4. Suis le cours pratique
5. Réussi l'examen pré-solo
6. Réussi l'examen de Transport Canada
7. Fais ton vol solo
8. Obtiens ton permis de pilote ultraléger
9. (Optionnel) Obtiens ton certificat restreint d’opérateur radio
10. Vas voler seul en toute sécurité !

Ca coûte combien ?
Vol de familiarisation: 10$/min
Formation théorique : 600$
Formation pratique : ±4000$

En savoir plus

Familiarization flight

You want to become an ultralight pilot, but you are not entirely convinced that you will like it? Try a familiarization flight before fully committing yourself to the wonderful adventure of ultralight aviation. This will let you know if it's really for you.

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Complete training

We offer you complete ULM pilot training, including theoretical and practical flight lessons. Our classes are given as much in small groups as in tailor-made private lessons.

Ready to go? Embark in the front seat with one of our experienced instructors and he will teach you everything you need to tame the device.

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Improvement / Reminders

Already pilot? Our instructors trained in precision piloting in all conditions are available to complete training, provide knowledge refreshers and complete certain aspects of piloting that may add to your flying skills.

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Aeronautical Radio Certificate

It is also possible to come to us to take the exam to obtain the “restricted radio operator certificate (aeronautical competence)”. Being accredited by Industry Canada, our chief instructor will be able to issue you the permit after passing the exam.

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Ecole d'aviation ultralégère

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