ULM Complete Training

PassionAir Canada can help you realize your dream of becoming a powered ultralight pilot! Our training packages are designed to meet your specific time management needs!

Pilot training is an essential process for those wishing to become licensed pilots. It consists of two parts: the theoretical course and the practical flight course.

The theoretical course has a fixed duration of 20 hours, while the practical flight course usually lasts 20 hours as well, although this may vary depending on the abilities and experience of each person.


Theoretical training includes a study of aviation laws, safety rules and procedures. It also covers navigation systems, weather conditions, airspace regulations and much more.

Our instructors are accredited by Transport Canada and have been approved to teach the theory required for ultralight pilot licenses.

Registration for the theoretical course: $600 (tax included)


Due to the current shortage of flight instructors, we only accept student pilots who own an aircraft and must first be evaluated and accepted by the school. This aircraft will then have to be based at our aerodrome. We offer voluntary advice for the purchase of the aircraft that will suit you.


Once your introductory flight is over and you've become familiar with microlighting, it's time to take the pilot's seat and move on to hands-on training. You will not be alone in this process, because one of our instructors will always accompany you until the day you make your first solo takeoff - a unique experience

Our instructors are accredited by Transport Canada and offer personalized coaching so that you can learn at your own pace. We also run classes throughout the year so you can easily fit it into your schedule. With our comprehensive training program, getting your pilot's license has never been easier!

Learning to fly an ultralight aircraft can be a daunting task. It takes hours of study, practice and dedication. Most people don't have the time or resources to devote themselves entirely to learning how to fly an ultralight aircraft. And because traditional classes last for weeks or even months, it's hard for busy people to find the time they need without sacrificing other important commitments in their lives.

The Solution: At PassionAir Canada, we understand that life is busy and you want the best training possible in a timely manner. That's why we offer comprehensive training including theoretical and practical lessons adapted to the needs and abilities of each student - all at competitive prices! Our instructors are certified by Transport Canada, so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive quality instruction from experienced professionals who will help you become a licensed pilot. Contact us today to find out more about our flexible course offerings!

The costs of your instruction hours for practical training on our aircraft are:

10h flight: $2000

20h flight: $4000

As a flight school, we are ready to accompany you in the complete process of obtaining an Ultralight pilot license and more:

- Weather Reading

- Canadian Aeronautical Regulations

- Issuance of student pilot permit

- Issuance of the ULM Pilot's license

- Preparation for the Transport Canada Ultralight Pilot exam

pilot training

- Training and issuance of the Restricted Radio Operator Certificate (CRO)

- Training and issuance of the “passenger transport” annotation

- Training and issuance of the “instructor” annotation


Equipment provided

In order to make life easier and meet your needs, all the equipment necessary for training and piloting requirements is available at the Centre:

– Pilot logbook
– Course manual
– Visual aids
– Official documents
– Examination specimen
– Aeronautical charts
– Flight planning instrumentation
– Notebook and pen


Here you will find some online documents produced by the Government of Canada concerning the regulations for ultra-light aircraft as well as the different steps and requirements for obtaining a microlight pilot's license:

- Restricted Certificate Study Guide
radio operator (skill

- Ultra-light information brochure

- 421.13 Exam prerequisites

- 421.19 Student Pilot Permit Requirements

- 421.21 Pilot Permit Requirements - Ultra-light Airplane

- 421.88 Flight Instructor Rating Requirements - Ultra-light Airplane