Improvement / Reminders

“There are old pilots, there are reckless pilots, but there are no reckless old pilots”

With a view to constantly staying safe in flight and seeking to improve, it is always more prudent and stimulating to enrich one's skills and knowledge as a pilot in the company of veterans of the air. Whether it is to get back into the habit of flying after a long period on the ground, additional training on a specific aspect of piloting, or even simply to practice flight maneuvers in good company, our qualified instructors are ready to accompany you. no matter your level of experience.

Also know that our network of partners across the province means that we can always find the right person who will inspire you and help you surpass yourself!

* Upgrade
* Reminder of the regulations
* Annotation passenger transport
* In-flight image capture course
* Theoretical refresh
* Practice flight maneuvers
* Instructor annotation
* Maintenance, transport and storage

Perfectionnement / Rappels

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