PassionAir Canada

The fun of learning ultralights

PassionAir Canada

Le plaisir d'apprendre les ultralégers !

PassionAir Canada

The fun of learning ultralights!

Ultra light motorized

A microlight is a small aircraft whose total weight does not exceed 450kg (1000lb) and which seats a maximum of 2 people.

More economical and ecological, ultra-light aviation is an activity governed by aeronautical regulations and requires the possession of a pilot's license to operate.

Our ultra-light pendular devices are characterized by the absence of a cockpit, which confers a direct relationship with the elements and provokes a breathtaking feeling of freedom!

In other words :
Have you ever tasted a cloud?

Devenir pilote ULM ? Facile !

1. Rencontre les exigences et conditions
2. Fais un vol de familiarisation
3. Suis le cours théorique
4. Suis le cours pratique
5. Réussi l'examen pré-solo
6. Réussi l'examen de Transports Canada
7. Fais ton vol solo
8. Obtiens ton permis de pilote ultraléger
9. (Optionnel) Obtiens ton certificat restreint d’opérateur radio
10. Vas voler seul en toute sécurité !

Ca coûte combien ?
Vol de familiarisation: 10$/min
Formation théorique : 600$
Formation pratique : ±4000$

En savoir plus

The complete training is divided into two parts, theory and in-flight practice. The theoretical course is of a fixed duration of 20 hours of lectures, while the duration of the practical lessons in flight depends on several factors. An average would be around 20h.

Complete ULM training

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Once you have assimilated the CIR-21, we offer you to come and take the exam with us in order to obtain the Certificate issued by Industry Canada. You will then be able to communicate with the other pilots and control towers.

Examination for the Restricted Operator Certificate (Aeronautical Proficiency)

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I loved it, a rewarding experience. Guillaume (the pilot), a very reassuring and very pedagogical person

Mireille L.

Passion Air Canada 🍁 is a great company from where you can run ultra-light motorized flights.
We are accompanied by experienced instructors who are attentive to our needs for the flight as well as the good support on the ground, it is an experience to live and which you will remember all your life!
Come live the PassionAir Canada experience 🍁

Anne L.

Well appreciated, the pilot was extra

Lorraine M.

Great experience! Professional and welcoming staff. To do again! 🥰

Vero S.

I tripped…. Much more exciting than parachuting

An extraordinary experience!

Jean-Claude M.